Electrical Services for repairs of general nature

There are a large number of rather seemingly petty electrical items installed at both residential and commercial premises. This includes switches installed in your bedroom or sockets affixed in your toilet. Similarly, general electrical items like LED lights, fans, Circuit Breakers, Electrical Connectors, Electrical Conduit and Conduit Fitting, room wiring etc are also available at all places.

These items may appear to be petty in nature but any malfunctioning on their part can cause a lot of trouble e.g. non-operational lights in the bedroom or washroom. Similarly, malfunctioning sockets at your premises can make charging of devices difficult.

Therefore, Primelectrics Ltd offers Electrical Services to help you in proper upkeep/repair/ maintenance of these general items.

Electrical Services is offered with characteristics like:

  • Round the clock availability
  • Coverage of a wide range of products/installations of general nature
  • Our technicians carry spare items of general nature at the time of visiting the premises i.e. problem maybe fixed without any wastage of additional time.
  • Offering competitive/affordable rates for services
  • One year after sale guarantee for all the completed jobs
  • Our staff carry NICEIC approved qualifications
  • Our staff has been trained in the field of communication for having pleasant conversation experience
  • Offering outdoor services at the premises even in the absence of customers

So should there be any need for repairs of general nature at your premises, just contact Electrical Services and let us help you overcome these issues.

Just click the “Online chat” on our homepage https://www.primelectrics.co.uk under the link of Electrical Services and order for our services. You may also contact us by phone or email. We are looking forward to serving your needs!

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