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We provide service for fuse box upgrades in London to improve the safety of your electrical system

In order to increase the electrical efficiency and safety of your property, you should think about upgrading your fuse box. As this is not a simple and easy task, one should always look for professional help. PrimElectrics Ltd is dedicated to provide efficient service for fuse box upgrades in London.

When to ask us for help?

Out of date switchboard models tend to cause inconvenience and hazards. If you don’t know when to upgrade your fuse box, look out for the following signs and if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, we would arrive to help you right away.
1-Blown fuses during the use of more than one standard appliance
2-Lights flickering to no apparent reason
3-Hot-to-touch switchboard cabling
At PrimElectrics Ltd, we provide outstanding switchboard upgrading services guaranteed to bring your property’s electrical system up to Government standards. You should know that switchboards play a massive role in protecting your property’s wiring. By hiring us for fuse box upgrades in London, you can rest assured in knowing that your property is brought up to the industry standards. It also gives you the surety that your property is safe from electrical hazards and potential risks.

A thorough job:

We take the pride in our experienced professionals, who get the job done with precision and extreme professionalism. They don’t just pull off the old fuse box and replace it with a new one, but also make sure that it is replaced perfectly according to the British standards. We stand by the codes set by Government and make sure that each fuse box upgrade we perform is compliant.
Moreover, when we replace your old fuse box with a new one, we take our time with your job. We perform all the necessary tests and upgrades required to ensure the safety and efficiency of your electrical system.
Older fuse boxes cannot keep up with modern day devices. They don’t generate enough power to supply a steady flow to the electrical system. For this reason, we use high-quality products and materials which last a long time and provide you with a stable electrical system.

Avoiding disasters:

People nowadays aren’t aware of the potential risks associated with worn out fuse boxes. It is our duty to make people aware that due to poor connections of old fuse boxes, your system can be a potential risk to electrical failure. Moreover, due to overload on the old fuse boxes, your circuits can get extremely hot and they serve as a major cause of electrical fires, that works wellIf your old fuse box needs an upgrade to cope with all the power we use today, give us a call at 0203 489 9592.on almost every site.

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