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What makes a GOOD electrician? 

Tools outside the toolbag!

A good electrician carries tools outside his toolbag! What does this mean? It means Experience, Knowledge, Great Customer service. This is what constitutes a good electrician. 


Most electricians begin from apprentices and stay on if they like the profession. As an apprentice your no.1 goal is to do what you can and absorb as much as you possibly can.

What differs a good electrician from your average one is that a good one will continue to absorb skills, even after their apprenticeship is over and they’re on the job!

From colleagues to blogs like these an electrician should always be on the lookout to improve the service they are able to provide for a client.



In any job knowledge is essential, of course, however not everyone will know everything. A good electrician will always have the means to find out how to complete a project that they do not have the immediate knowledge of and execute it to the best of their ability.

Great Customer service

This is obviously required in any profession that deals with people – of course! But I’m sure you will agree that there is an extra level of customer service, manner and trust involved when that service is provided domestically. Nobody appreciates an unappreciated guest!

Any domestic worker should aim to make the client feel as comfortable, safe and reassured as possible.

Work identity

If you’ve had any experience with anybody that specialises in domestic work you may have noticed that everyone has a certain way or style that they operate in. A good electrician aims to be the best at what he does.

Top Five Things Customers Look for in an Electrician

Positive recommendations

Electricians who have good reviews from previous customers are more likely to be hired compared to those who have no or bad reviews. Word of mouth travels fast as well! Especially in smaller towns, news travels fast. A happy customers, leads to more business!

A good value for money

Nobody wants to over pay for a service which they can get for a much cheaper service price, this is why it is good to communicate well with your client and negotiate several quotes. Also ensure that your electrician provides a clear breakdown of all the costs that you will be covered.

Qualifications and certificates

Customers are seeking for electricians with at least a year experience in the field to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Good communication skills

Communication is key when keeping in contact with electrician. If they are lacking or are not attempting to keep in contact with you, it is a big negative that can show that they are not competent. Electricians must also ensure to communicate with the customer with a positive confident attitude so that both you and the electrician can understand each other.


As the service provider, electricians should take a well-mannered approach to clients and ensure to keep the customers happy and satisfied with your customer service.

Electrical Certification 

What certificates should your electrician have?

When you hire an electrician to do any work in your household or business it is imperative that he has these certificates!

Electrical Installation Certificate:

New installations require a certificate from your electrician

~This certificate is required for major installations only.~

Minor Electrical Works Installation Certificate:

Similar to the Electrical Installation Certificate.

~only recommended for minor installations~ 

Electrical Installation Condition Report:

Landlords need to have this report completed before a new tenant moves in.

Homeowners should have one before purchasing a new home. 

Part P Notifications:

Projects may require a Building Control Notification. 

We are professional electricians fully qualified for all types of projects including Light fitting, Alarm systems, door-bells and many more reliable electrical services.

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