An Emergency Electrician

When to call an Emergency Electrician

Homeowners throughout London depend on emergency electricians for electrical repairs. Even if electrical problems don’t happen often, no one will ever know when is the precise time to need such services.

We know it’s really dangerous when you fix yourself with a power surge, flickering light, buzzing outlet, or junction box; you risk serious injury, including electric shocks burns, and more damage. Instead of fixing the problem, you might be able to cause more.

Here are some of the indications that you might need Emergency Electrical Services:


When you have any plug or electrical cord in the house that has exposed wiring, don’t hesitate to call an emergency electrician to carry out the required repairs.

Do you know? Exposed wires are early signs of danger that can lead to a fire, electrical shock, and even worse, electrocution.

Heating Switches

When you have warm outlets, you should call an emergency electrician. Including your appliances that feel warm to the touch even if they have not been used. This can be an early indication that there’s something wrong with your electrical systems.

For the sake of your safety, you should have an emergency electrician investigate these issues.


After a flood or your home suffers water damage through broken pipes that lead to a pipe burst or leaks, you should inquire for an emergency electrician for investigations.

Electricity, when interacting with water, is life-threatening. An emergency electrician will shut off the power supply to find out the damage and will adhere to the needed repairs for your safety.


Call for an emergency electrician to do an evaluation and repairs for your sparkling outlets. Although some would just disregard and consider this a minor issue. Well, it’s better to prevent further from happening.

Circumstances such as overloaded circuits, old or worn wiring, and broken appliances can cause an outlet to burn, smoke, or spark.

Sometimes, many people don’t think about their home’s electricity. As long as the lights are turning on, outlets are working, and some would say that minimal electrical concerns are not a big deal. Well, until there is a problem.

When things start to spark indifferently, it’s time to call for an emergency electrician. (can insert phone number link)

Here are more reasons why you should call for an emergency electrician:

  • Frequent tripping of circuit breakers.
  • Lights or appliances that are constantly flickering.
  • For replacing old or outdated electrical components
  • For re-wiring needs
  • Burning smell from the fuses

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