The Basics of Industrial Electrical Installations

The biggest mistake that most electricians make is believing that both domestic and Industrial Electrical Installations can be handled using the same techniques. In the simplest of ways, Industrial Electrical Installations are much more complex forms of residential wiring. As a reliable call out service for all kinds of electrical work, Prime Electrics has a dedicated team of qualified electricians for both types of installations. But here are some key difference between the two.
The basic principle of all residential wirings is that the red wires and black wires are called “hot” wires as they carry current from circuit breaker to the electrical box or any attached appliance. On the other hand, the white wires are known as “returns” as they bring current back to the circuit breaker from the electrical box or attached appliance. Additionally, a ground wire is also installed to cause electricity to pass through only in the event of a short circuit to protect the attached fittings.

Industrial Electrical Installations

On the other hand, Industrial Electrical Installations depend on wiring capable of handling 3 phase electrical power. The three phase electric setup allows the workload to be distributed among all wires thereby producing maximum results. The technicians at Prime Electrics are capable of handling all kinds of 3 phases electrical power:-
– Common 3 wire.
– Common 4 wire.
– 3 wire with grounded hot leg.
– Special 4 wire.

Regardless of the 3 phase electrical power you choose, you will need a voltage meter to determine the actual voltage available at any particular moment.

Prime Electrics is home to a highly trained and experienced team for Industrial Electrical Installations. For expert services at affordable rates you are welcome to get in touch with our office at any time. We will carefully assess your requirements and offer expert services accordingly.

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