Proof of Safe Domestic Electrical Installations

Electrical Installations that lie within the capacity of Building Regulations are referred to as Domestic Electrical Installations. If you are planning on a new Domestic Electrical Installations or even altering the current installation, the finished installation will have to be inspected to meet the strict electrical safety performance standards.

Why the drastic changes for Domestic Electrical Installations?

In an effort to reduce the risks posed by unsafe electrical installations and resulting injuries from electrical shock and burns these new changes have been put in place. Poor installations may also cause electrical components to overheat and eventually catch fire. However, with stricter installation checks these risks can be drastically reduced.

Electrical Installations

Is compliance compulsory?

Yes. If you plan on selling your property you will have to prove that your Domestic Electrical Installations are complaint with the New Building Regulations to your potential buyers. For which, you can do one of the following:-
– You can show a certificate that shows that the work has been done by a properly trained and registered electrical installer. Be sure that the registrations is valid under one of the Electrical Self Certification Schemes.
– Or you can present a completion certificate from the local authority stating that the installation is as per Building Regulations. For which, the owner will have to show evidence of relevant electrical test and installations from a suitable qualified electrician only.

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