What Type of Smoke Alarms are Best for Your Home

Smoke Alarms may all look the same, but choosing the right one for your home may prevent possible harm to your family and your home. Prime Electrics has always advocated the use of the proper smoke alarm for your property and that is why we are extra careful in giving advice on the type of alarm best for you. However, we should all be aware of the different types of smoke alarms available in the market.

Ionisation Smoke Alarms ionise the air between a positive and negative electrode creating a small current. If smoke particles are present they will change the balance in this current as a result of which a signal is sent to the circuit to sound the alarm. These alarms are suitable for dustier areas but they should not be placed near the kitchen as too many false alarms will be triggered.

Smoke Alarm

Optical Smoke Alarms make use of infra-red technology by sending beams of light to the sensor chamber to detect presence smoke particles. Unlike ionisation smoke alarms, these are not suitable for dusty areas. However, they work perfectly for bedrooms.

Heat alarms on the other hand do not detect smoke particles. They are sensitive to changes in temperature and are triggered when the temperature exceeds 58 degrees Celsius. It is our recommendation that these be used in garages and kitchens as they are not prone to false alarms. They are however slower to respond.

The experts at Prime Electrics are familiar with all kinds of smoke alarms and are happy to recommend and install the right type of alarm in different parts of your home. We are also open to all requests for smoke alarm repair and maintenance. For more information, questions and arrangements contact us right away.

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