eicr certificate & TESTING

Electrical Installation Condition Report  Within your Reach

At Prime Electrics, we prioritize the safety and compliance of through our comprehensive Electrical Installation Condition Reports testing. Our experienced team conducts thorough periodic tests, drawing on years of expertise to identify and assess critical areas that require examination. The EICR Testing process, under our meticulous supervision, aims to uncover potential hazards and ensure the reliability and efficiency of your electrical systems.

EICR certificate & Testing:

With Prime Electrics, a successful EICR test will reveal any circuits or equipment that are dangerously overloaded, mitigating the risk of electrical failures. Our expert examination also focuses on identifying potential hazards such as electrical shocks, security checks and fire risks, ensuring that your premises meet the necessary safety standards. Additionally, we meticulously inspect for faulty electrical work, providing you with insights to rectify and enhance the overall safety of your electrical installations. Our EICR services also include checking for the proper presence of earthing or bonding where needed, reinforcing our commitment to delivering thorough assessments that prioritize safety and compliance.

eicr certificate
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