What Kind of Services Should Best Local Electrician Provide?

All professional electricians should be capable of handling a wide variety of tasks. Homeowners, should be able to rely on a single service provider as opposed to various local electrician for different closely related tasks. Below we will look at the various services that your electrician should be capable of providing.

Fuse Box:-

The fuse box, also referred to as the Consumer Unit, is where all the controls for distributing electricity to different parts of your home are installed. A professional electrician should be capable of installing a new fuse box and service any faults with the previous installation if needed.


The electrical installation report (EICR) basically states the condition of all the electrical installations in your home. If you plan on selling your home you will need this report before you advertise your home. However, if you plan on renting your property you will need this report before the start of each tenancy. Your local electricians should be able to provide all necessary services surrounding the completion of this report.

Part P:-

The Building Regulations require uniform standards for all buildings which, among others, also include electrical safety. Your electrician should be well aware of these standards to better guide you and make necessary arrangements.


Your portable electrical appliances and moveable electrical equipment requires inspection and testing to be carried out by a trained and licensed electrician. If you have to look for another electrician specifically for this task then there is really no reason to go back to your regular electrician.

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