How a Commercial Electrician Creates Eco Friendly Lighting in an Office


Good lighting plays a very important role in the creating a peaceful and comfortable office working environment. A dimly lit atmosphere may be suitable for dinners and other gathering but not for a professional environment as your employees may not be able to see their work properly. On the other hand, if your office space is too bright your workers will soon start to experience headaches and other discomfort, not to mention the massive impact on your electricity bills. A professional commercial electrician should not only be capable of advising and implementing the most efficient and safe wiring grid in your office, they should also implement eco-friendly lighting solutions that promote an eco-friendly impression and reduce energy costs.

LEDs are your Environment’s Best Friend: –

Incandescent lights consume more electricity and generate more heat in the process. Of course, the heat generated from a bulb may seem negligible but when multiplied with the number of bulbs in a commercial building this heat becomes significant. With Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) the both and heat generation and electricity consumption can be significantly reduced.

Make the Most of Natural Light: –

As a commercial electrician one needs to make the most of the available natural sunlight. Therefore, natural light should be allowed through windows and skylights. By doing so the dependency on artificial lights is reduced to only nights and cloudy days. Apart from reducing your energy expenses, natural light has been associated with improved mental health, circadian rhythms and even the body’s immune system. Exposure to sunlight can be an excellent way to keep your employees happy & healthy as well.

Reflective Surfaces: –

By using more reflective surfaces you can spread light around in your office from a single source. If placed properly, it can also be an excellent way to bring in more sunlight. The term “reflective” doesn’t necessary mean mirrors. In fact, it can be anything from highly polished wood or linoleum.


Carrying out electrical work in an already existing building is never easy therefore it is recommended that electrical plans are well thought out before being implemented. Nonetheless, with the proper technical skills and training a commercial electrician should be able to solve pretty much any problem that you may have to face in your commercial building. Even the smallest electrical fault may result in the loss of hours or even days of productivity; which is a huge setback for any business. Therefore, it is imperative that you receive prompt and precise services for your electrical problems.

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