Prime Electrics Domestic EICR

The life and longevity of your electrical fixtures are always uncertain. There will be a time when repairs or replacements are needed to ensure your safety and the people utilizing the electrical.

We at Prime Electrics understand the risk of having faulty electrical lines at home. Faulty wiring was responsible for 5,241 (18%) of the 29,312 accidental electrical fires in England. That’s why we have our domestic EICR to handle every issue in electrical systems to avoid potential damages that can endanger the property or lives.

Our EICR service can inspect deteriorated electrical wiring and fixtures. Regular inspection and testing are ideal for every type of property. Electric wires and systems must be inspected and tested every ten years in an owner-occupied home, every five years in a rented home, and every three years in a caravan. We have professional electricians and skilled engineers to test and give diagnostics whether your electrical installation is safe and meets the required standard for electrical installation.

Why do you need Prime Electrics’ EICR?

  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • The total amount of greenhouse gas emissions from the production, use, and disposal of a product or service is referred to as its carbon footprint. It includes carbon dioxide and other harmful gases that trap heat in the atmosphere and contribute to global warming. Unfortunately, the UK’s average carbon footprint is about 10 tons of CO2 per person per year.
  • Save money
  • To follow state laws and requirements
  • For safety, Prime Electrics has employed only certified and properly trained staff to inspect the electrical condition of your home.

Domestic EICR that we offer

  • Visual Report- this is not a full EICR report but only a visual inspection.
  • Periodic Inspection and Report – This is to perform an old version of the EICR
  • EIC (electrical installation report) – This is best for newly installed electrical fixtures.

Our domestic EICR will cover everything through our thorough inspection of your electrical systems. Our domestic EICR is available within the UK.

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