EICR Certificate


Why Does Your Business Need an EICR Certificate?

There’s a never-ending responsibility when running a successful business. It will require your full attention, dedication, patience, and knowledge. There are also additional permits that you will need to secure to keep your business running and away from lawsuits.

One primary requirement for every business is having an EICR certificate. Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is the most common type of report given to the landlord after an inspection. Landlords must obtain a report (typically an Electrical Installation Condition Report or EICR) from the person performing the inspection and testing that explains the results and any investigative or remedial work that is required. Since your business utilizes electrical systems, those need to be thoroughly and properly monitored regularly. Electrical technologies in a company are an efficient way for development. But, these electrical aren’t flawless, there will be a time that they will end up malfunctioning or be involved in accidents.

Having an EICR report is one way to avoid those mishaps. Here are more reasons why a business must have an EICR certificate:

To Comply with the Law

Having an EICR report complies with the law that ensures the safety of the people in a building. The business must secure the employee’s and customers’ welfare.  A business must have Fixed Wire Testing and should always secure an up-to-date EICR certificate as per the safety protocols and regulations. According to these regulations, electrical conduits, sockets, consumer units (fuse boxes), as well as other fixed electrical parts in rented residences must be monitored and evaluated every five years, or more frequently if the inspector deems it necessary and as long as the tenant is living in the property.

Compliance will also save a business from the risks such as:

  • Frequent tripping of breakers due to overloaded circuits.
  • An overloaded frequency can harm equipment.
  • Fire breaks out or further damages due to poor installation.

Insurance Validity

Insurance companies have policies or conditions to validate business insurance. One of these is the availability of an up-to-date EICR certification. Failure to have this can jeopardize your chance for insurance. 

The reason why insurance companies need this certification is to ensure that the business has proper maintenance for electrical systems to avoid unpredictable incidents. It will also prove that the business has a responsible owner and has done all the requirements to avoid accidents. This will also save the owner from lawsuits.

Saves a Business from further expenses

Besides having an EICR certificate to comply with safety regulations, an EICR examination can help in identifying faults in the electrical system. They will also fix certain issues to keep the system away from damages that can be caused by overheating. Electricians who will do examinations can also detect and detach energy-consuming issues. This will save money on energy bills and in replacing electrical equipment. However, local authorities can fine landlords up to £30,000 if they fail to meet their responsibilities. An EICR certification also recommends safety and energy-saving tips for businesses.