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Smoke alarm certificate requirements in UK

On any premises; whether residential or commercial, the notion of fire always exists. It is therefore required by the UK regulations to get fire alarm installed at every building. This installation helps in timely evacuation of residents or staff members from the danger zone in case of any emergency.  Chances of any harm to human life; therefore, is reduced.

However, simple installation of fire alarm is not enough.  They must be kept of operational nature all the time. The UK government has outlined fire alarm regulations which require system to be ‘adequately maintained’. For this purpose, section 25.2 of Fire detection and fire alarm systems requires all the fire alarms to be self-tested by the users at least on a weekly basis. This helps in ensuing that there has not been any major failure and the system is in working condition.

Additionally, BS 5839 of the fire alarm regulations systems requires inspection of fire alarm at least every six months with a certificate of maintenance issued thereto by a competent person.

Amongst the many services provided by Primelectrics Ltd, we also offer the services of Electrical Certificate for the smoke alarm installed at your premises. We are a company approved by BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) for issuing a certificate if testing and compliance of for smoke alarms under section 227 Electrical Safety Regulation 2013.

Therefore, you can enter into a contract for issuance of the requisite Electrical Certificate for your premises; be it residential or commercial in nature. This would enable you to keep a check on the working condition of your fire alarm systems and also comply with the government regulations in this regard.

Just click the contact us button under the head of Electrical Certificate at our website https://www.primelectrics.co.uk.  Our technicians would contact you for starting the process for issuance of this certificate by undertaking necessary inspection process.

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