The PAT Testing

PAT Testing Explained

 It’s defined as a step-by-step checking of electrical appliances and equipment for safety, through a process of inspecting visually and with the use of specific electronic tests. With PAT Testing, you can easily identify the safety defects of your electronic devices and have them sorted out immediately.

It is also done with more formal visual inspection and testing by an authorized person, and observing appropriate intervals, varying upon the type of equipment and how it is used.

Is this kind of Testing for New Equipment Advisable?

It is not necessary to have new equipment undergo since it is required that new equipment should be supplied in a safe condition. But, it is also recommended to do a simple visual check to ensure that the item is not damaged.

However, if you want to be extra safe, you can always have PAT Testing for your new equipment, especially for such hazardous devices. Having this with your new equipment is up to you.

When is the perfect time to have Testing?

Various equipment when needed to go PAT Testing, have different time frames of when to have a test. There are rules that need to be observed in Testing, and these are tricky. The reason behind those tricky rules is that there are different items in various situations that call for different measures. Here is the list of some of the types of equipment that need PAT testing, and when they will need it.

Hotels, shops, offices, etc.

Class 1 equipment or General IT equipment.

  • Every 4 years.

Portable equipment: extension leads.

  • Every 2 years.

Frequently used equipment.

  • Every 12 months

Class 1 School and IT equipment.

  • Every 1 year.

Class 2 School equipment.

  • Every 2 years.

110V Construction equipment (regularly used on a construction site)

  • Every 3 months

Why Undergo PAT Testing?

PAT Testing is a safe way of ensuring that your electrical equipment is safe and functional. It can also help in identifying early signs of hazards and safety issues. Additionally, PAT Testing can help prolong your equipment.

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