What does Electrical Installation Condition Report – EICR Mean?

electrical installation condition report

With the passage of time, electrical installations weaken and become more of a risk for your home and everyone living in it. Considering that we cannot see electricity, cables are typically hidden within our walls, and consumer units are commonly hidden within cupboards. So, it is understandable that we fail to inspect the condition of our electrical installation for damage or wear and tear. Every year, 20,000 homes in the UK are affected by electricity fires, according to a report by Electric Safety First. 89% of fires are started by electrical products, while 11% are brought on by poor wiring. The majority of these incidents could be prevented with routine electric system maintenance and inspection. Therefore, it is necessary that their proper functioning is assessed at regular intervals so that the necessary repairs and replacements can be carried out. These safety assessments are known as “periodic inspections and testing”. And once completed, you will be issued an Electrical Installation Condition Report — EICR certifying that the electrical installations in your home are in proper working order. It is a formal document created after an evaluation of the electrical installation on a property. EICR is used to determine whether the electrical installation is safe for continued use, a combination of inspection and testing is used. It must be completed by a qualified electrician with experience or a licensed contractor.
Prime Electrics has been conducting periodic tests for long enough to know all the critical areas that need to be tested. Under our supervisions a successful test will uncover: –

  1. Any circuits or equipment’s that are dangerously overloaded.
  2. Potential risks of electrical shocks and fires.
  3. Faulty electrical work (if any)
  4. If there is an absence of any earthing or bonding were needed.

It is our recommendation that you get your home checked for electrical safety every 10 years if it is an owner-occupied home or every 5 years if it is a rented home. If you live in a caravan then you should get the periodic inspection done every 3 years. If you live in a home that has swimming pool, it will require an individual Electrical Installation Condition Report — EICR which will be valid for only one year. Failure to comply can result in a £30,000 fine.

Considering the sensitive nature of periodic inspections, Prime Electrics has employed only certified and properly trained staff to inspect the electrical condition of your home. Once our staff has explored all the necessary areas of your home you will be assigned Electrical Installation Condition Report — EICR detailing their complete findings. You can also trust any reports presented to you, by landlord for example, which were made by Prime Electrics because our reports are famous for portraying the true condition of your home.

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